Sunday Worship Services

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Pastor Ralph Williams3/26/2017
Title: 'Blessed of God to Believe' Sermon Text: John 6

Pastor Ralph Williams3/19/2017
Topic: 'Wilt Thou Be Made Whole' (Pt 2) Scripture: John 5

Pastor Ralph Williams3/12/2017
Topic: 'Wilt Thou Be Made Whole' Scripture: 5

Pastor Ralph Williams3/5/2017
Topic: The Just Shall Live by Faith Pt 2 Scripture: John 4 *Communion Service*

Pastor Ralph Williams2/26/2017
Topic: 'The Just Shall Live by Faith' John 4

Pastor Ralph Williams2/19/2017
Topic: 'A Divine Appointment' John 3-4

Pastor Ralph Williams2/12/2017
Topic:He Must Increase, We Must Decrease Scripture: John: 3

Pastor Ralph Williams1/29/2017
'The Ministry of Jesus Christ' Scripture: John 2:1-25

Pastor Ralph Williams1/22/2017
'Its All About Jesus' (Pt.2) Scripture: John 1:15-51

Pastor Ralph Williams1/15/2017
Sunday Service Topic : 'Its All About Jesus' John 1