* Ralph Williams : Senior Pastor
   321-474-4440 / newbeginningslamp@gmail.com

* John Sauter : Church Elder
   321-210-1908 / wjsauter@gmail.com

* Stuart Horton : Deacon / Audio - Video Editor

* Paul Sanderson : Deacon

* Lori Sanderson : Worship Leader

* Elva Paddison : Pianist

* Annette & Stan Piwinski : Hospitality Ministry

Senior Pastor - Ralph Williams


Church Elder - Walter John Sauter


Deacon - Stuart Horton


Deacon Horton has served this ministry faithfully for a few years and has answered the call to serve now as one of two who will be the first deacon's to serve in our young ministry. We thank the Lord for his answering the call to be used even that much more of God, we surely thank God for him.

In Christ : Pastor Ralph

Deacon - Paul Sanderson


Deacon Sanderson who was chosen from within our congregation as one whom the Lord had His hand on is the second man to answer the call of serving as a deacon. It has been a blessing to serve with him and I'm sure it will continue to be so as the Lord moves us on into the future.

In Christ : Pastor Ralph

Worship Leader - Lori Sanderson

Pianist - Elva Paddison